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Duvet covers 50% – 50% Poly Cotton 200T Percale

Where sophistication meets superior craftsmanship – envelope yourself in our Percale Poly Cotton 200-Thread Count Duvet Covers that are a sublime evolution from our 50% – 50% Poly Cotton 144-Thread Count Duvet Covers counterparts. Enjoy the transition from a 144-Thread Count to a sumptuous 200-Thread Count Percale Weave that elevates tactile pleasure, presenting a surface that is not only smoother but also possesses a finer texture. Experience the whisper-soft touch of Percale against your skin, a testament of our dedication to superior craftsmanship.

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Single Size – 130cm x 200cm, ¾ Size – 150cm x 200cm, Double Size – 200cm x 200cm, Queen Size – 230cm x 200cm, King Size – 230cm x 220cm, Extra King Size – 300cm x 240cm, Super King Size – 300cm x 260cm


White, Stone, Cream, Charcoal (only upon special request), Duck Egg (only upon special request)

Closure Type

Extra Flap, Velcro Fastening, Oxford + Satin Stitch


  • Our 50%/50% Poly Cotton Duvet Covers have a 200-Thread Count Percale and are available in three closure types:

    • Extra Flap.

    • Velcro Fastening.

    • Oxford + Satin Stitch.

  • The crispness and coolness of Percale Weave provides a comfortable and breathable sleep environment.

  • Exceptional color retention, preserving the vibrancy and richness of hues over time and washes.

  • Color options Available in:

  • White.

  • Stone.

  • Cream.

  • Charcoal (only upon special request).

  • Duck Egg (only upon special request).

  • Enhanced durability due to Polyester that ensures long-lasting performance.

  • A 200-Thread Count, showcasing a tighter Percale Weave, enhancing fabric smoothness and luxurious feel.

  • Consistent Size: Resists shrinking or stretching, maintaining a consistent size after washing and a perfect fit on your bed.