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Fitted sheet 50% – 50% Poly Cotton Percale 200T

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Immerse yourself in the realm of softness and durability with our Fully Elasticated 50% – 50% Poly Cotton Percale Fitted Sheets featuring a 200 – Thread Count. With a Thread Count of 200, every inch of our Percale Fitted Sheet is meticulously woven to deliver a crisp and lightweight texture. The result is a refined surface that demonstrates a cool and invigorating feel, inviting a restful and revitalizing night’s sleep. Enjoy the durability and resilience of the Poly-cotton component in tandem with the natural breathability of the Cotton component.


  • Our fully elasticated 50% – 50% Poly Cotton Percale Fitted Sheets have a 200-Thread Count and are available in four configuration types:

    • Standard.

    • Extra Depth.

    • Extra Length

    • Extra Length + Extra Depth.

  • Woven and sewn in-house by our experienced staff of seamstresses and seamsters.

    • Our Fitted Sheets boasts a balanced and inviting texture.

    • Our Fitted Sheet design prevents mattress slipping and bunching promoting a seamless appearance and quality sleep or rest.

  • Wrinkle-resistant nature of Polyester that maintains a crisp and tidy appearance whilst simultaneously achieving comfort and revitalization due to the natural breathability of Cotton.

  • Color options Available in: (could have a clickable color box and this information goes below)

  • White.

  • Stone.

  • Cream.

  • Charcoal (only upon special request).

  • Duck Egg (only upon special request).

  • Enhanced durability due to Polyester that ensures long-lasting performance.

  • Low maintenance, machine-washable fabric for convenience and practicality.

Resists shrinking or stretching, maintaining a consistent size after washing

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Standard, Extra Depth, Extra Length, Extra Length + Extra Depth


White, Stone, Cream, Charcoal (only upon special request), Duck Egg (only upon special request)