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Pillow case Oxford + Satin Stitch 100% Cotton 300T

Presenting our 100% Cotton Percale 300-Thread Count Fully Pillow Case with our Oxford + Satin Stitch Design. Enjoy the benefits of 100% Cotton together with the meticulous Percale weave known for its tight structure that demonstrates a cool, crisp touch. Delight in the high 300-Thread Count that not only boasts our Pillow Case’ durability but also an elevated level of softness and refinement. Enjoy an experience that entails the synergy of breathability, coolness, comfort, and sophistication. Our 100% Cotton Percale 300-Thread Count Fully Pillow Case is ideal for those that cherish the small details in their sanctuary of a bedroom.

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Our 100% Cotton Pillow Cases have a 300-Thread Count Percale and are available in one closure type:

    • Extra Flap.
      • An additional flap with hidden, durable snaps, ensuring your Pillow remains snugly enclosed. This extra layer adds both functionality and a sleek aesthetic to your bedding.
  • Size:
    • Standard (45cm x 70cm), Special Size (50cm x 75cm), American (50cm x 90cm), Continental (75cm x 75cm).
  • Woven and sewn in-house by our experienced staff of seamstresses and seamsters.
    • Our Pillow Case boasts a balanced and inviting texture.
    • Our Pillow Case design prevents mattress slipping and bunching promoting a seamless appearance and quality sleep or rest.
  • Moisture wicking of 100% Pure Cotton draws moisture and perspiration away from the skin and onto the exterior of the fabric, keeping the wearer cooler and drier.
  • Color options Available in:
  • White.
  • Stone
  • Cream
  • Charcoal (only upon special request).
  • Duck Egg (only upon special request).
  • Pure Cotton composition ensures durability, enabling it to be reliable bedding essential that withstands the test of time.
  • The Cotton fabric provides easy care maintenance allowing regular machine washing and upkeep.
  • Resists wrinkling, maintaining a consistent appearance during usage and handling.
    • Our Percale weave and thread count minimizes wrinkles and contributes to a smoother surface.

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Standard – 45cm x 70cm, Special Size – 50cm x 75cm, American – 50cm x 90cm


100% Cotton

Closure Type

Extra Flap


White, Stone, Cream, Charcoal (only upon special request), Duck Egg (only upon special request)