Why use pillow protectors?

Pillow protectors may not be the most exciting item to shop for, although they add life and enhance the cleanliness of your pillow.

Luxury linens are an investment. And just like any other investment, you should take necessary measures to protect it.

Pillow protectors keep your sleeping pillows cleaner

Below is a photo of a new pillow – nice white & clean.

Pillow protectors can keep your pillows cleaner

Here is a picture of an older pillow. Keep in mind that it’s uncommon for pillows to become stained and yellow over the course of time.

Pillow protectors can prevent your pillows from turning yellow

Pillows become stained and yellow because of body oil and drool that that winds up seeping through the pillowcase and directly onto the pillow.

But you don’t have to stand for sleeping on yellow or stained pillows. Using a pillow protector can reduce and even eliminate these problems. Here is a closer look at how that works.

  • Pillow protectors provide an extra layer of protection on your sleeping pillow.
  • Pillow protectors fight off dust mites and reduce infestations on your pillow.

Dust mites are an inescapable reality, no matter how clean you are. Dust mites are eventually going to make their way into your bedding because they live off human dander. It may sound very unpleasant, but the feces of dust mites can actually double the weight of your pillow. Here is a picture of one of those nasty little buggers.

Magnified image of a dust mite